• 5 Useful Microgaming Casino Tips

    5 Useful Microgaming Casino Tips

    So with that in mind, here’s handy a list of five Microgaming casino tips to ensure that you get the most fun and hopefully hit a few more winning lines as you play.

    • Get your Free Play Cash Bonus!

    Many of the top casinos, such as famous Luxury Casino brand, Golden Tiger, and Casino Action offer players a completely free hour of play with a sum of money from the house. This can be as much as $1,500 and players can use this cash to generate their own real cash bonus of up to $100 by playing in the casino. Best of all, if you don’t make a $100 profit to activate the full bonus, you can try again by restarting within the hour at any time. Max out your new player bonus by playing games you’d normally pay for, completely for free!

    • Activate and use the generated new player bonus!

    Earning your bonus on the free play introduction is one thing, but now you need to activate it. You do this by making a deposit into your account and the amount you deposit will determine what percentage of the bonus you have earned will be released. You have 30 days to release your full bonus, so make sure you do to get the most amount of free cash available to play with.

    • Stay loyal to your casino to reap the added rewards

    In the early days of online casinos, players were very transient and moved from one casino to the next to trigger another introductory offer. That situation has now changed due to casinos offering continuing bonuses to players if they stay loyal. Earn further free cash on subsequent deposits after your first, as well as special invitation-only events for certain casino patrons. You want to maximize your free cash at any casino, so make sure you take full advantage of ALL the offers available.

    • Target games with the lowest house edge.

    Perhaps the biggest tip is that when you start to play with your own cash, target the casino games that offer the lowest house edge. Traditionally these games include the likes of blackjack, or betting on the even money bets in games like roulette and craps. Keep the odds more in your favor and you stand a better chance of winning more often. This is not just one of the most useful Microgaming casino tips but applies in any casino in any situation.

    • Only play with what you can afford to comfortably lose.

    If you have ever read one of the few disgruntled Microgaming casino reviews, then it is likely that the person will have lost money and probably more than they could afford to. A losing player is seldom a happy one, especially if they have gambled away next week’s rent. As a result, one of the best Microgaming casino tips we can give is only to play with money you can afford to spend and lose. Not only will you enjoy the games more, but your finances will stay healthy.

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