• Do Lucky Streaks Really Exist in Slots?

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    When talking to some lovers of online slot machines, you will certainly hear the phrase ‘a lucky streak’ from time to time. So what is a lucky streak? Lucky streak is basically a series of spins with a winning outcome. Playing slots both online and in land-based casinos you will certainly notice that winning wagers often happen in a row, one after another. You can win twice, three times, four times and even five times in a row! But does it mean that players should trust to such lucky streaks in online slots and modify their bets accordingly? Let’s figure it out.

    What Is Lucky Streak?

    Lucky streaks and losing streaks are the ‘terms’ that many online slots players operate with. And even though they certainly happen from time to time (you can check it out by playing couple slots yourself), it’s practically impossible to create some sort of a strategy from them. The problem is that lucky streaks occur absolutely randomly believe it or not. And even if you experienced 5 winning wagers in a row, there is not a slightest guarantee that the sixth spin will turn out in your favour again. Lucky as well as the losing streaks are completely unpredictable.

    Random! Random!

    I have already explained you million times that online slot machines operate on a random number generator that determines all the outcomes. It means that all the streaks both lucky and unlucky are just coincidences. There is no sense in trying to write the outcomes of all previous wagers down in order to calculate when a lucky streak appears. It won’t increase your winning chances at all.

    Some people increase their wagers after couple winning bets while others don’t believe it’s gonna be a winning outcome once again. There is a one thing you should understand about adjusting your bets playing real money slot machines. Regardless of the streaks, when rising your wager you are taking a larger risk. If you place a larger bet, you can lose more money. At the same time they say that luck favours the brave and person who doesn’t take any risk doesn’t win anything. It certainly is the truth especially when it comes down to slot machines. Some slots offer you bonus payouts for making maximum bets and when playing progressive slot machines you have practically no chances to hit a life-changing jackpot without risking much money. That’s how the system work, you know. Therefore, even if you feel that you are coming through a lucky streak, you should think twice before increasing you wager. You should contemplate if this wager lies in the limits of your gambling budget. Otherwise, that is a right track to the compulsive gambling.

    Stay in Control While Playing Slots

    Players who try to follow lucky streaks tend to treat slot machines in a wrong way. They usually try to wind online slots round their litter fingers and it doesn’t work of course. Instead of hitting larger winning they usually end with bitter disappointment in gambling. If you don’t want to have such hard feelings, you should play online slots sensibly.

    Responsible gambling means that you should think all your options over and set up certain limits. For example, you can set that you can increase a wager only 5 times in a row and then switch to the base bet. You should also set the amount of this increased bet, for example if it will be twice bigger than the base bet or three times bigger. Remember that all the amounts will certainly depend on our gambling budget and on the amount of money you can afford to lose. Having such a scheme in your head you will be able to follow lucky streaks without losing too much money and falling into the gambling addiction.

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