• Some Slot Machine Myths Debunked

    Some Slot Machine Myths Debunked

    Most people fall for myths about how slot machines operate, often leading to an inefficient strategy and to a disastrous bankruptcy. Most often, these myths revolve around how to win at slot machines, and most often tells one to either play more or be very wary that one does not play at all. If one would only be knowledgeable in these myths, then one would be able to act strategically in playing slot machines.

    In order to help you in identifying these myths, we have listed below some of the more popular ones.

    1. Slot machines that are placed at an inconvenient spot have higher payoff percentages.

    This is a myth most often associated with the arrangement of slot machines on the floor. While there is a certain mathematical method of arranging slot machines - most of which are practical, like how to monitor each machine thoroughly - there is no truth that there is a standard location for higher paying machines. Even the notion of machines which have higher payoff percentages are farfetched, since most differences in payoff percentages are only up to one percent across different machines.

    2. In order to have a higher chance of winning, one must wait for a machine to "warm up."

    This is a myth associated with the chance-based nature of slots. Some people think that by playing on a slot machine that has been used by many other people before them, they would have a higher chance of winning. For old slot machines, this may be true, as these are often progressive machines, meaning that the chances of winning will increase if the payout hasn't occurred yet. But for modern 5-reel slots which one will now find at most casinos, winning is based on a mechanism called a random number generator, which resets itself each spin.

    3. Because modern slot machines are now computerized, casinos can control who will win and how much the payoff will be via a remote control.

    Casinos cannot control a slot machine via a remote control or other means, as their license is sure to be revoked by their locality's gaming control board. Also, it is very difficult to emulate a random number generator physically.

    4. Because modern slot machines are now computerized, the machines often give players a near-miss, tempting them to play more.

    This myth is associated with how close a player seems to be at winning. For example, the machine lines up a symbol except one, making the player assume that they almost won. However, even if the machine is computerized, it could not produce too consistent results every time one plays such as near-misses, again, because of the random number generator. The random number generator assigns number to cards, so it is impossible to have a consistent result each time.

    Knowing a great deal about slot machine mythologies will help you strategize in slots effectively, control your losses, and therefore earn more. Remember, once you know the nature of slot machines, there would be no limit in the possibilities of profit because of a proper strategy. 

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